Thursday, February 16, 2006

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (well, belated right now.... but its the thought which counts....)

Myself, I had an amazing Valentines Day! Probably the best I ever had before! Very romantic, very secluded and it lasted 2 days!
Picked up Mijo after he got out of work, we were both casual dressy and went to Takamatsu for a fantastic sushi dinner! He bought me a rose and I bought him some italian candies. We then drove and talked for so long... about family, furute and a variety of intimate things.... was SO nice. Then we returned to the base where he stays for the time being until we get a house and an a very intimate evening.... was great. He took Wednesday off so we could go house hunting and had lunch and dinner and was a great day!
I miss him when we aren't together, and I even miss him when we are togther and he's just in the mens room or something. Awwwww I am such a sweet individual!


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