Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy February!

Oh my life you ask?


Job? None
Money? None
Health benefits? None
Car insurance? None
People who owe me money? Lots!
People who have payed me? None
A computer? Yes
One which works well? None
A boyfriend in AZ? Yes
One with car and nearby home? None

So there are good points, but the bad overpower the good.
All I want is a job which I like nearby my current living situation, good money, benefits, be able to make enough to get me a place to live, a nice backyard for Reggie... thats not much right?
But I have rarely EVER had what I want in life or what I have dreamed of....
And one day, in that new house of mine, all kinds of furniture I want with a computer that works and NOT DIAL UP! A home phone and not having to slap 10 bucks on my cell phone whenever I need to... Oh.... having a job muct be NICE.


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