Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hello... Happy "Almost End of January"....
Lots of things going on around here.... some good, others SUCKASS...

Had a job, left the job a month later.
Moments after I left said job, another old interview called and offerend me a job.
Too much BS at said job.
Maybe not as much BS at new job (if I take it)
Mijos son is returning with him to AZ this weekend
Once social security kicks in and his doctors give him ok, he leaves to go back to California and I FINALLY get Mijo to myself and start the relationship we never really had to begin with...
Possible new job is closer to Mijos new place of temporary residence, but Mijos sons psychiatrist recommends that the son and i don't live together for awhile... and Mijo is nervous about leaving he and I alone cause we'd kill each other...
Once his new medicine kicks in and Mijo sees that youngen and i are getting along, all should be alright... need to be closer to job, too far away now.

3 months of Mijo gone and all a wasted trip... and I missed him SO much. I had been asked by many to go out on dates and get laid and yadda yadda yadda, but I am and always have proven to be a "good girl" no matter what relationship I was in... I am so attached to Mijo and would never ever cheat on him, no matter what. I don't even LOOK at other guys when I am in a relationship with someone.
He means the world to me, and I could never hurt him cause I don't want to be hurt myself. Wouldn't want him to cheat on me or dosomething which would hurt me, so I inturn do the same. Its the golden rule of "Do unto others...."
Maybe at some point I will have good news for the world about he and I.... from here the mouth is SHUT tightly for all!!!!
Bye for now


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