Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well its been a number of days since I have written, or remembered to write even....
Lets begin with....


I will be working for a local HealthCare facility, a rehab as a unit clerk. I will be making more than expected, but less than what I had written on my desired amount for pay....
I took my TB test and my drug (pee pee) test and all came back A-OK along with a clean record of a background check... thank goodness they didn't find out I was a child molesting murderous evil burglarizing gun toting pedofile! So I begin work now next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday!
I will be working 2-3 days before Mijo comes out from Claifornia to pick me up, we take a ride to Vegas for New Years to watch the wonderful lights of Vegas (never been there before or out on New Years for that matter) and then we will head to California for the remaining days of the following week!!! I will fly back and go back to work!!
Have been missing Mijo pretty badly the past 2 months. Depression comes and goes, but now that he has a new phone he's got unlimited nights and weekends and we can talk more often....
makes me feel so much better and mentally and emotionally lighter!!!

What else? hmmm.... thats about it for now... I don't have money so I have no life really.... so i don't go out, so nobody gets gifts.... *SIGH*

Other than that I hope you all have a wonderous and terrific holiday season... and am wishing Santa brings those of you who celebtrae Christmas lots of gifts and the Hanukah elves bring those of you Hebrew folk tons of gelt!!!
Bye for now!


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