Monday, December 12, 2005

So 1 job tells me in the initial interview that I ultimately had the job they had to just do a few other interviews to be fair... that was cool, telling me that my resume kicked aass, that I had the perfect amount of medical background, knew the terminolgy, was willing to learn more on the eyecare level and prepare myself for growth and advancement within the office... he was excited and happy i was there!
get a call this past Friday that I didn't get the job, didn't have enough medical background, didn't know medical terminology the way they wanted me to and added about 50 other problems which never came up ion the interview.....


So i get another call Friday to call this woman back for a mere receptionist job, called back this morning and the positions been filled.... they are closed on weekends, how the hell did you fill a position so quickly?

I have a kick ass resume... i am a terrific, hard working, multi tasking individual with awesome references and skills to blow you away. Arizona jobs SUCK! The people here SUCK!
I go for just trivial little jobs and still don't get it... things that are below my expertise and don't get them. Where in the freikan hell am I going wrong?
I am so frustrated and wanna kill people....
I have no money, no job, no medical benefits, bills up to my A-hole and above, I am living with my parents and want my own place, my fiance is in California and even telephone calls, text messages and emails don't comfort me from him not being with me... and people look at me and say:
"Oh, You don't have any stresses, your unemployed. What possible stresses could you have?"
I hate those people... screw those people... they have no idea how my life is....

I want a job which i am happy with, money coming into my bank account, bills paid in full, my fiance back in my arms or at least in the same zipcode, my own apartment or living with him, my doggie with brand new toys and food, my own phone line, medical benefits and a life!
I want what everyone else has... this isn't much to ask for. I want my old life back. I want people to realize that by them saying no to me working for them, they are losing out on a great worker!
I want to get the hell outta this state I think. maybe California with Mijo, but too expensive. Maybe hawaii, but REALLY expensive. Back to NY, but way too expensive.... Chicago, but No!
I am so screwed and my upper back is killing me and I wish for a brief second that a certain 18yr old were here to just walk on my back to make it feel better... or the massage Gods would come down and release the pressure built up.....

Hey Man, got a quarter to spare? A life? A job?
I will take any of the above!


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