Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (well, belated right now.... but its the thought which counts....)

Myself, I had an amazing Valentines Day! Probably the best I ever had before! Very romantic, very secluded and it lasted 2 days!
Picked up Mijo after he got out of work, we were both casual dressy and went to Takamatsu for a fantastic sushi dinner! He bought me a rose and I bought him some italian candies. We then drove and talked for so long... about family, furute and a variety of intimate things.... was SO nice. Then we returned to the base where he stays for the time being until we get a house and an a very intimate evening.... was great. He took Wednesday off so we could go house hunting and had lunch and dinner and was a great day!
I miss him when we aren't together, and I even miss him when we are togther and he's just in the mens room or something. Awwwww I am such a sweet individual!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy February!

Oh my life you ask?


Job? None
Money? None
Health benefits? None
Car insurance? None
People who owe me money? Lots!
People who have payed me? None
A computer? Yes
One which works well? None
A boyfriend in AZ? Yes
One with car and nearby home? None

So there are good points, but the bad overpower the good.
All I want is a job which I like nearby my current living situation, good money, benefits, be able to make enough to get me a place to live, a nice backyard for Reggie... thats not much right?
But I have rarely EVER had what I want in life or what I have dreamed of....
And one day, in that new house of mine, all kinds of furniture I want with a computer that works and NOT DIAL UP! A home phone and not having to slap 10 bucks on my cell phone whenever I need to... Oh.... having a job muct be NICE.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hello... Happy "Almost End of January"....
Lots of things going on around here.... some good, others SUCKASS...

Had a job, left the job a month later.
Moments after I left said job, another old interview called and offerend me a job.
Too much BS at said job.
Maybe not as much BS at new job (if I take it)
Mijos son is returning with him to AZ this weekend
Once social security kicks in and his doctors give him ok, he leaves to go back to California and I FINALLY get Mijo to myself and start the relationship we never really had to begin with...
Possible new job is closer to Mijos new place of temporary residence, but Mijos sons psychiatrist recommends that the son and i don't live together for awhile... and Mijo is nervous about leaving he and I alone cause we'd kill each other...
Once his new medicine kicks in and Mijo sees that youngen and i are getting along, all should be alright... need to be closer to job, too far away now.

3 months of Mijo gone and all a wasted trip... and I missed him SO much. I had been asked by many to go out on dates and get laid and yadda yadda yadda, but I am and always have proven to be a "good girl" no matter what relationship I was in... I am so attached to Mijo and would never ever cheat on him, no matter what. I don't even LOOK at other guys when I am in a relationship with someone.
He means the world to me, and I could never hurt him cause I don't want to be hurt myself. Wouldn't want him to cheat on me or dosomething which would hurt me, so I inturn do the same. Its the golden rule of "Do unto others...."
Maybe at some point I will have good news for the world about he and I.... from here the mouth is SHUT tightly for all!!!!
Bye for now

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well its been a number of days since I have written, or remembered to write even....
Lets begin with....


I will be working for a local HealthCare facility, a rehab as a unit clerk. I will be making more than expected, but less than what I had written on my desired amount for pay....
I took my TB test and my drug (pee pee) test and all came back A-OK along with a clean record of a background check... thank goodness they didn't find out I was a child molesting murderous evil burglarizing gun toting pedofile! So I begin work now next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday!
I will be working 2-3 days before Mijo comes out from Claifornia to pick me up, we take a ride to Vegas for New Years to watch the wonderful lights of Vegas (never been there before or out on New Years for that matter) and then we will head to California for the remaining days of the following week!!! I will fly back and go back to work!!
Have been missing Mijo pretty badly the past 2 months. Depression comes and goes, but now that he has a new phone he's got unlimited nights and weekends and we can talk more often....
makes me feel so much better and mentally and emotionally lighter!!!

What else? hmmm.... thats about it for now... I don't have money so I have no life really.... so i don't go out, so nobody gets gifts.... *SIGH*

Other than that I hope you all have a wonderous and terrific holiday season... and am wishing Santa brings those of you who celebtrae Christmas lots of gifts and the Hanukah elves bring those of you Hebrew folk tons of gelt!!!
Bye for now!


Monday, December 12, 2005

So 1 job tells me in the initial interview that I ultimately had the job they had to just do a few other interviews to be fair... that was cool, telling me that my resume kicked aass, that I had the perfect amount of medical background, knew the terminolgy, was willing to learn more on the eyecare level and prepare myself for growth and advancement within the office... he was excited and happy i was there!
get a call this past Friday that I didn't get the job, didn't have enough medical background, didn't know medical terminology the way they wanted me to and added about 50 other problems which never came up ion the interview.....


So i get another call Friday to call this woman back for a mere receptionist job, called back this morning and the positions been filled.... they are closed on weekends, how the hell did you fill a position so quickly?

I have a kick ass resume... i am a terrific, hard working, multi tasking individual with awesome references and skills to blow you away. Arizona jobs SUCK! The people here SUCK!
I go for just trivial little jobs and still don't get it... things that are below my expertise and don't get them. Where in the freikan hell am I going wrong?
I am so frustrated and wanna kill people....
I have no money, no job, no medical benefits, bills up to my A-hole and above, I am living with my parents and want my own place, my fiance is in California and even telephone calls, text messages and emails don't comfort me from him not being with me... and people look at me and say:
"Oh, You don't have any stresses, your unemployed. What possible stresses could you have?"
I hate those people... screw those people... they have no idea how my life is....

I want a job which i am happy with, money coming into my bank account, bills paid in full, my fiance back in my arms or at least in the same zipcode, my own apartment or living with him, my doggie with brand new toys and food, my own phone line, medical benefits and a life!
I want what everyone else has... this isn't much to ask for. I want my old life back. I want people to realize that by them saying no to me working for them, they are losing out on a great worker!
I want to get the hell outta this state I think. maybe California with Mijo, but too expensive. Maybe hawaii, but REALLY expensive. Back to NY, but way too expensive.... Chicago, but No!
I am so screwed and my upper back is killing me and I wish for a brief second that a certain 18yr old were here to just walk on my back to make it feel better... or the massage Gods would come down and release the pressure built up.....

Hey Man, got a quarter to spare? A life? A job?
I will take any of the above!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I am still unemployed... going to go looking into seasonal jobs now just to get gas money and pay for my upcoming car insurance.
Got to see Mijo this weekend, he came down from California and will hopefulyl be coming back to tucson for good again. Its been hell without him emotionally and its too hard to be without my soulmate. I told him this and he looked as though he were about to cry as i was....
Well i am off to figure out what i am going to do on this lazy boring Sunday.... am exhausted, upper back needs rubbing majorly and thats about all for now.... Toodles!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

By the way....
Its REALLY Fa-Reekin' COLD here!!!

Hey all!
Just saying hello to all and that I am still here and alive... not yet employed, but still here and alive! Mijo is coming out late this evening, he confirmed it a few minutes ago... I will be a much calmer individual by tomorrow afternoon... I am so excited to see him after not seeing him for a month and a half now... lots of catching up to do!
Not much more going on... still just trying to do things day by day... SpecialFriend is taking me out to lunch today, he wrote me and said he wanted to take me to Pizza Hut... a few days ago though and I have been DYING for Pizza Hut pizza for days now!!!!
Thats it....
Chat soon!